Ice Monster Melon Colada 100ml Shortfill


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Ice Monster E Liquid brings you something new with Melon Colada. A satisfying fusion of tropical fruits, crisp melons and refreshing menthol. As you take puffs you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical beach as pineapple, coconut, melon and mint flavors take turns exciting your taste buds. If you crave mint-infused fruity flavors, this is the ultimate treat for your palate.

When you inhale Melon Colada vape juice, a tangy pineapple flavor tickles the tongue as its sweet juice washes over your palate. Then, refreshing melon flavor drenches the taste buds, balancing out the pineapple flavor beautifully. Slowly, sugary and creamy coconut flavor gives this taste experience an extra boost of tropical goodness. With each exhale, chilly menthol refreshes you and makes the entire mouth tingle

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