Different individuals take to vaping in various ways and times. Some take one puff, and that is it, they hurl the cigarettes and vape from that point on and never think back.

Others require a long time to get used to it, as it isn’t as straightforward as smoking a tobacco cigarette. The tobacco cigarette is more simple, all brands appear to be identical and it is an instance of light up and smoke.

Vaping is more specialized, there is e-fluid to refill, there might be coils to change and there is a slightly different technique when inhaling.

You have to ensure that you get the correct strength of nicotine for you, depending on the amount you smoke, and you have to get the flavor right. As we said Tobacco is regularly the main kind of decision, however once you get used to it you may go for something abit more exotic.

Some people avoid tobacco flavour as they want to move away from smoking as quick as possible.

The decision is yours.